About Us

One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin

“Enthusiastically embracing the wonders of nature, I find solace and inspiration amidst Iceland’s rugged beauty at Thorlakshofn campsite. 


Eager to immerse myself in the tranquility of the surroundings, I seek adventure and connection under the open skies and along the pristine shores.”


1. Park fairly and considerately

When pitches are in great demand, especially during peak travel times, park your camping vehicle without taking up more space than necessary and in such a way that other campers can still park their vehicle easily.

2. Keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them

Should your dog not make it to the nearest dog park, make sure you take dog waste bags with you. The next rubbish bin is normally not too far away.

3. Respect quiet time and be considerate

If you want to stay up longer in the evening, we recommend finding a spot further away from your pitch so as not to disturb your fellow campers.

4. Basic camping etiquette

All it usually takes is a friendly greeting or nod to put you on good terms with your neighbours.

5. Avoid unpleasant odours and throw away your rubbish

Always throw away your rubbish sensibly and if the bin is overflowing, take your rubbish with you until you find a bin that isn't.

The 5 most important camping rules



Price for adults (tax included)
Free for 15 years old and younger
2.000 ISK
Senior citizens and disabled
1.500 ISK
1.300 ISK
800 ISK
Lodging tax per sleeping unit
333 ISK